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Lexus UX


Overseas model shown. Australian specifications may vary.

Radar active cruise control (RACC)

Radar active cruise control (RACC)

The RACC safety system uses a camera and radar to detect preceding vehicles and help to determine their speed. The system is designed to then adjust your vehicle’s speed within a set range and help to maintain a suitable distance.

With the addition of All-Speed RACC, your UX has impressive stop-and-go functionality. This means you can slow down to 0km/h in traffic and when the traffic begins to move, the feature is designed to help your vehicle to take off again, recalling your chosen speed. When RACC is active, Indicator Linked Control can also contribute preliminary acceleration when the vehicle is traveling at 70 km/h or above, in preparation for overtaking.2


Pre-Collision Safety System (PCS)

Pre-Collision Safety System (PCS)

When the radar and camera sensor determine that a collision is likely, PCS warns the driver so they can perform evasive manoeuvres. The system is designed to alert the driver to a possible collision and activate the pre-collision brakes to help mitigate the impact of force. PCS also features daytime and night-time pedestrian detection, and daytime bicycle detection.2

Automatic High Beam (AHB) & Adaptive High-Beam System (AHS)

Automatic High Beam (AHB) & Adaptive High-Beam System (AHS)

AHB, available on the Luxury grade, is designed to automatically turn off the high beam lamps if another vehicle is detected, and automatically turn them on once the vehicle is out of the headlamp beam range.2 F Sport and Sports Luxury grades feature AHS, where a camera located behind the windshield glass can detect light from vehicles in front, and is designed to automatically adjust the headlamp light distribution to reduce impact of high beams illuminating oncoming or preceding vehicles.2

Lane Trace Assist (LTA)

Lane Trace Assist (LTA)

When RACC; is in use, LTA can help to keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane with smooth and steady movements, and tracks the preceding vehicle, even if it's difficult to detect the lane's edge lines.2

Head-up display functionality available as options on Sports Luxury EP and F Sport EP2.

Road Sign Assist

Road Sign Assist

The front camera on the UX can detect certain regulatory speed signs and display them on the multi-information display, and on Sports Luxury EP and F Sport EP2 options, on the Head-Up Display.

When the speed limit sign is displayed, the system is designed to invert the speed sign colours if the driver exceeds the specified speed limit.2

Blind Spot Monitor

Blind Spot Monitor

When the vehicle is in motion, the rear bumper radars can detect vehicles in adjacent lanes not visible in the door mirrors. The system is then designed to activate an LED warning indicator in the relevant door mirror when a vehicle enters this blind spot. The system also detects vehicles approaching at speed from the rear within the blind spot, and alerts the driver using an indicator in the outer mirror.2

Parking Support Brake (PKSB)

Parking Support Brake (PKSB)

PKSB uses Intelligent Clearance Sonars to detect when a collision with a static object in the vehicle’s direction of travel at low speeds (<15km/h) is likely. If the PKSB system deems a collision may occur, it alerts the driver with an audible buzzer. If the driver does not take action to avoid the possible collision, the PKSB is designed to help reduce drive force and, if needed, apply brake force to help mitigate damage².


1) Achieved in test conditions for comparison purposes only. Actual fuel consumption varies depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle condition, load and options/accessories fitted. Source: ADR 81/02 combined (L/100km).

2) Driver assist feature. Only operates under certain conditions. Check your Owner's Manual for explanation of limitations. Please drive safely.

4) Compatibility and functionality varies depending on device.

5) The Bluetooth® word mark is owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Compatibility and functionality varies depending on device.

6) Only Qi-supported devices are compatible. Refer to device manufacturer. May require purchase of Qi-supported accessory to enable wireless charging.

7) Requires compatible device, USB connection, mobile data, network reception & GPS signal. Mobile usage at user’s cost. Apps subject to change. For details see CarPlay® is a trademark of Apple, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android Autoᵀᴹ is a trademark of Google LLC. Indicative image(s) only.

8) iPhone® is a trademark of Apple, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Compatibility and functionality varies depending on device.

10) Save for Lexus trademarks depicted, all other product and company names are trademarks of their respective owners. Compatibility and functionality varies depending on device.

11) Towing capacity is subject to regulatory requirements, towbar and vehicle design and towing equipment limitations.

12) Self-restoring paint is capable of restoring superficial scratches only.

13) Emissions vary depending on driving conditions / style, vehicle conditions and options / accessories.

Mark Levinson® is a registered trademark of Harman International Industries, Incorporated.

UX is excluded from the Corporate Programme. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Lexus Australia has used its best endeavours to ensure this material is accurate at the time of publishing. However, all information must be confirmed with your Lexus dealer at the time of ordering, as specifications and details will change over time. Colours displayed here are a guide only and may vary from actual colours.

Lexus Australia reserves the right to vary and discontinue the current interior and exterior colours, trims and colour/trim/model combinations. Colours and trims displayed here are a guide only and may vary from actual colours due to printing/display process. See your Lexus dealer to confirm availability when ordering your vehicle.

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