Lexus LS
Lexus has advanced the relentless evolution of its flagship LS sedan, applying meticulous engineering improvements to renew the benchmark for refinement and quietness while even further leveraging incredible Japanese craftsmanship.

Available in Australia in early 2021, the new LS adopts wide-ranging yet intensely focused improvements – the result of Lexus engineers obsessively poring over the smallest details from powertrain and suspension components to tyre construction.

The new LS also reaffirms the global Lexus commitment to world-leading safety with the brand’s first application of Lexus Teammate advanced driving assist technologies, initially for the Japanese market only.

Lexus Teammate supports advanced capabilities such as keeping the vehicle in its lane, maintaining vehicle-to-vehicle distance, lane splits, changing lanes and overtaking other vehicles, when driving on vehicle-only expressways or roadways – with the driver freed from operation of the accelerator, brakes and steering.
Lexus LS
Significant engineering changes were dictated by the new Lexus Driving Signature initiative, a philosophy that applies detailed tuning and component upgrades to deliver a new standard of vehicle control, balance and driver confidence.

Both the 310kW 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine in the LS 500, and 264kW 3.5-litre normally aspirated V6 multi-stage hybrid in the LS 500h, benefit from enhancements that deliver greater responsiveness and reduce noise.

In the LS 500, the earlier production of engine torque leads to greater acceleration response from lower speeds in particular. 

Improved shift timing for the 10-speed automatic transmission, and a wider acceleration range for each gear, results in less-frequent downshifts and improved refinement.

In the LS 500h, increased battery assistance during acceleration from lower driving speeds contributes to greater immediacy in performance for the driver. 

Quietness has also been improved by lowering the maximum-available engine speed during the take-off phase of acceleration.

The new LS also adopts Active Noise Control and Engine Sound Enhancement tuning while a revised engine-mount interior alters damping characteristics to further reduce powertrain noise and vibration.

A series of suspension changes further complement the hushed new engine and transmission tuning measures while enhancing handling capability.

Dynamic performance benefits from more rigid front and rear stabiliser bars, tuned to deliver the natural and neutral vehicle posture targeted by the Lexus Driving Signature.

A newly developed solenoid for the standard Adaptive Variable Suspension reduces damping force, aided by reduced stiffness of the run-flat tyres to create even more harmonious and quieter ride quality.
2021 Lexus LS. Overseas model shown
2021 Lexus LS. Overseas model shown
2021 Lexus LS. Overseas model shown
Lexus has also enhanced the opulent seating of the LS to support the under-skin improvements.

The ultra-plush yet supportive seats in the LS now feature deeper stitch points and low-resilience urethane for the padding, with vibration absorption measures and softer positioning contributing to even greater comfort.

Long renowned for impeccable fit-and-finish and indulgent furnishings, the highly acclaimed interior design of the new LS also benefits from upgrades that leverage the best of Japanese artisan craft and high-precision production techniques.

Ornamentation is available for the first time in “Nishijin & Haku” (with “haku” being the Japanese word for “metal leaf”). 

Inspired by the ‘path of moonlight’ made on an open sea, silver threads of Nishijin brocade and the sparkle of a platinum leaf help create an impression of moonlit waves – an intricate design befitting a Lexus flagship.

Newly developed laser-cut wood (with L-shaped silver metal) and open-pore ash trim join new ochre L-aniline (highest grade) leather as available ornamentation and colour options to complement the exact and expansive furnishings inside the LS. 

The LS also adopts a forward-mounted positioning for the 12.3-inch infotainment screen, with the addition of touch-display functionality joining the Lexus Remote Touch Interface for the first time.

A digital rear-view mirror – adopted for the first time by Lexus in Australia – features a large high-resolution display for improved visibility of the area behind the vehicle.

Building on the daring coupe silhouette of the fifth-generation LS, the updated model gains a fresh appearance with newly designed, compact, three-bulb headlamps that feature an accentuated “L” design.

The headlights adopt a BladeScan adaptive high-beam system. This technology delivers more precise illumination to avoid blinding other drivers while providing a broader distribution of light to illuminate areas that would not normally be visible with a conventional high-beam system.

The deep headlamps and squared-off sub-radiator grilles positioned to the outside help to advance the confident nature of the vehicle’s stance. 

The grille mesh is now a dark metallic colour for an even more elegant appearance.

Trim within the rear combination lamps has been switched from chrome to piano-black, further enhancing the vehicle’s sense of presence. 

The F Sport’s more dynamic image is distinguished by the garnish for the sub-radiator grilles wrapping around to the sides, and the adoption of a dedicated colour for the spindle grille and 20-inch wheels.
2021 Lexus LS with “Nishijin & Haku” ornamentation. Overseas model shown
2021 Lexus LS. Overseas model shown
2021 Lexus LS with “Nishijin & Haku” ornamentation. Overseas model shown
A new exterior paint – Gin-ei Lustre –continues the Lexus tradition of developing innovative silver paint finishes.

It contains radiant aluminium flakes and employs the latest paint technology to produce a smooth, mirror-like texture highlighted by beautiful sparkles of light and contrasting deep shadows that create a sense of depth. 

Lexus Australia Chief Executive Scott Thompson said the new LS continues to embody the best of the Lexus DNA – past, present and future.

“The latest LS continues to embrace impeccable Japanese artisan craft while obsessively perfecting comfort and refinement, and pushing the boundaries for driver engagement and technology,” Mr Thompson said.

“This unrivalled blend of virtues continues to position the LS at the forefront of the luxury sedan segment as the ultimate expression of the Lexus philosophy.”

Lexus Chief Branding Officer and Master Driver Akio Toyoda said the LS – in all its generations – is “a model that gives rise to transformation through the spirit of constant innovation and by providing new technologies and value for the times”.

Since its global debut in 1989, the Lexus LS has been a pioneer: the first vehicle in the world with both an adjustable steering column and driver airbag, and the world’s first hybrid V8.


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