After investing in a Lexus, it's important to protect your investment by only entrusting the service of your vehicle to Lexus of Blackburn. Only a Lexus technician has the training and knowledge to fully understand the technology within your vehicle and the diagnostic equipment capable of fully reading the Lexus engine management computers. Taking your Lexus to anywhere other than a Lexus Dealer Service Centre puts both your vehicle and warranty at risk. To ensure your vehicle is serviced to the highest standards using genuine Lexus parts, you can book a service with us and enjoy peace of mind.

Vehicle servicing

Of course, when it's time to have your Lexus serviced you'll enjoy the highest standards of service from the team at Lexus of Blackburn, all part of the premium experience of owning a Lexus.


Our award-winning parts division is Melbourne's Lexus parts specialist stocking a wide range of smash and mechanical parts at our Parts Distribution Centre in Blackburn.


Meticulous style and accessories make all the difference. Personalise the interior and exterior of your Lexus with genuine Lexus accessories from Lexus of Blackburn.